About Us

Our web site, TheBorderCook.com, is dedicated to the pursuit of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. We love to cook, and want to share our passion with our viewers.

Here is some legal stuff we need to share with you:

We make every reasonable effort to provide accurate information on our site – but we are human, and therefore we can make mistakes in our recipes and articles. You, as the user of our site agree to hold us harmless for any and all inaccuracies in or published information.

We may provide links to other web sites, and you also agree to hold us harmless for information on these sites as well as our own. After all, we have no control over what other web sites may publish.

We are not dietitians, and therefore we do not provide dietary information for our recipes – evaluate them for what they are worth. We make no representations about allergens or calories in our recipes. Evaluate them based upon our own requirements.

Our site displays advertisements in order to pay our expenses. We make efforts to provide ads that are relevant to our site content, but we have little or no control over ads that are displayed on our site. If you click on an ad you are responsible for evaluating the offer displayed, and are under no obligation to purchase any item displayed in an ad.

We offer you the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. We do not share your name or email address with any other business or entity. Our newsletter is published infrequently, and may contain advertisements which you can elect to click on. You are under no obligation to purchase anything offered for sale in these ads.

We sell advertising space on our web site – if you wish to place an ad, please contact us for rates and other information.

Email us at admin@thebordercook.com for more information. We welcome your inquiries.

If you have any questions about out site you may contact us at the same email address.

We hope you enjoy our web site!

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