Make Beef Chimichangas

I have always liked beef chimichangas, and have often wondered how to make them. It turns out that it isn’t so very hard! The recipe below has not been tested – mainly because my official tasters have returned to the North country, and we have moved out East – to North Carolina for several months. That being said, I discovered a Mexican cookbook in a thrift shop that was published in 1977 which had a recipe for a beef ‘chimi’ that sounded good. I like several of the recipes presented in this book, but they will need some work. It must have been written by a Minnesotan, because the work ‘jalapeno’ appears only sporadically. Even the grilled jalapeno recipe starts out with pickled jalapenos. It might be good, but my grilled jalapeno pepper recipe – to be published another time – starts out with fresh peppers.

This recipe starts out with beef stew meat and some spices which needs to simmer for two hours, so it is perfect for a slow cooker. After simmering you will want to transfer the meat mixture to a pan where you can crank up the heat to reduce the liquid until almost all of it is evaporated.

The meat mixture is added to the tortillas, they are rolled and fried in oil. Pretty simple.

So here it is – this recipe makes 12 chimichangas.

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