I saw how to make these on a TV Show on the Cooking Channel, and since my ‘official tasters’ have been asking for a dessert, I whipped some up, and they are very good.

An empanada is a pastry found in Latin America, the South Western United States, Latin Europe, and parts of Asia. It is made by rolling out a dough that is cut in circles, and then folding the dough around fruit, meat, vegetables, cheese, etc. – sort of a universal dish. Some areas in Mexico trace them back to Cornish pasties brought over by miners. If you are from Michigan or other hard-rock mining areas you may be familiar with them.

I have to admit that this recipe needs a little bit of work. They are good, however, and when I perfect it a bit more I’ll update the recipe on our web site – thebordercook.com.

Now there are numerous ways of making the pastry itself. Just google empanada dough recipes. There are recipes for sweet, or dessert dough, as well as for breakfast or dinner empanadas. Some recipes use pre-made pie crusts. I opted for frozen puff pastry dough.

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