Texas caviar is a sweet bean salad often served with tortilla chips. This is an easy recipe that is best if made a day or two ahead of serving time so the flavors to mix.

No tasters needed to this recipe – one of my official tasters made it for a party and everyone went for it like hogs at a trough! Thank you Linda for sharing this recipe.

Now if the truth must be told, Wikipedia tells us it was actually invented by Helen Corbitt, a New york native, in about 1940. She was food director at the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas. They say it was first served at a New Years party at the Houston Country Club.

If you look online, you will discover a LOT of recipes for this dish. If you do an exact google search (by entering “texas caviar” in quotes instead of simply texas caviar without quotes) you will see that there are about 130,000 results! So, bottom line – this is nothing new. Numerous variations can be found. All that being said, start with the basic recipe below and experiment a bit with the recipe. Try adding diced green, yellow, or red pepper, diced cucumber, radishes, diced squash, carrots, – pick your favorite ingredient!

This recipe is sweet – with no ‘heat’. Want to experiment? Add a little cayenne pepper instead of just black pepper. Like cilantro, add some. Dice a jalapeno pepper and toss it into the mix. You can really invent your own version of Texas caviar.

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